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Your video content will be much easier to watch
and understand if it has subtitles in different languages.

Subtitle Translation

If you are a YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok blogger, you might know that there is almost no video without subtitles. Even movies and songs may have subtitles in several languages. They are used to make it easier for the audience to understand the meaning of the words in video or audio in their native language. Subtitle Translation is the art of translating the text contained of any video or audiofrom one language into another, and it’s important to know that while making subtitles, translation of the written text is used in 90% of cases.

If the video already has subtitles in one specific language, then it can be repeatedly translated into other languages, which will help increase the conversion of views.

Usually, subtitles are defined as an alternative to voice-overs, especially if you want to localise video content. We offer subtitling services with high-level checks.

The translator should have special training in order to correctly translate and prepare subtitles for the video. They must not only have a perfect command of the language into which the translation is being made, but also be familiar with the native slang. We have qualified experts who are ready to help you. Every subtitle translation is assessed separately, and that is how high-quality services are reached.