Mean Global

Most often, all the problems that writers encounter converge to the main one
- the translation process. Don't think about it anymore, keep writing!

Publishing and Media

When it comes to translations in the communications area, we always know that it has to be perfect, no matter how big the text is or how fast it has to be translated. Most often, our clients are large organizations and people from the mass media. Thanks to a network of experts based in different time zones, we provide all the most necessary services.

Every day we watch tons of videos and most of us watch them without sound on. Even without sound, media content is still media content. Why? Because there are subtitles added to them, they help with user engagement. 

Your video and audio creations need to be localised and rightly interpreted no matter where you want to publish them.

We have a group of transcribing professionals that convert spoken words into written words. We also cooperate with a group of localisation specialists who may modify these materials to suit the multiple sectors you will be focusing on.