Mean Global

Our expertise and experience in various fields gives
us the opportunity to provide a variety of translation services.

Other Sectors

When it comes to translation services with some distinguishing characteristics, we undertake it like any other translation that requires a high level of concentration and attention. That’s why we have other translation sectors as well.

Our specialists have the level of knowledge that allows us to take on greater responsibility. Every day we vouch for every translation and we know the value of our client’s time.

We specialize in translation of the variety industries, including government, hospitality, energy, automotive, IT & software, publishing & media translation services, legal & law, life sciences, engineering & manufacturing, retail, website localisation, and many more.

We can easily translate into and from more than 50 languages.

Our translators have the necessary background needed to handle the big project in a very short timeframe. We understand the importance of our work because we have a lot of international clients.You can trust us with all the multilingual services we provide, the quality of our work is tested not only by customers but also by time.

We work with a transparent per-word pricing system that helps us to make costs fully competitive. You will work directly with us to find the most efficient way to manage your project from very start to finish.