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Media & Entertainment

We help businesses flourish on a worldwide scale by providing reliable interpretations for all media and entertainment content. Our linguists have a background in media translation, providing us with the experience required to correctly translate documents and films, making them easily accessible to customers all around the world.

Services dedicated to widely accessible entertainment and media, such as Netflix and YouTube, are rising in popularity and reaching clients all over the world. The REDACTURA LTD linguists are all experienced in interpreting diverse types of media, from subtitles to voice overs. We localise all of our material to ensure it is appropriate for all audiences and cultures.

Machine translation is good enough if you want to save time and money, but in fact, it cannot be compared to the translation that is done by specialists. In machine translation, there is a need to proofread the text for compliance and quality. Our certified specialists will not only translate but also bring your content to perfection.