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We’re a UK-based translation agency.  Every day we have a lot of clients and orders from all parts of the world. We help people meet their needs in any kind of translating services.

No matter whether you want to translate a couple of sentences, a website, or a full project. We have a passion for what we do, and that’s why we satisfy our customers with the translations we do for them.

We have several offices in London and are going to expand their amount in other cities and counties. We have a lot of in-house translation experts, who do translations in many languages and of any formats, no matter what is the main subject of your text and what is the word count.

What makes us unique is that we do our job even at night, if you need a translation by morning.

More than one specialist will work on your text, so that there are no technical, spelling, grammatical, punctuation, stylistic and other mistakes that occur most often after machine translation.

Our prices are much more favorable than those of other translation agencies you may have seen. We provide discounts to our regular clients – we’re ready to discuss the price!

Mean Global is ready to renew the translation process if our clients are unsatisfied with the results. Sometimes there might be a few mistakes, but it does not take a lot of time to edit them.

We have more than 100 translators in our company, who prove their knowledge and qualification and whose expertise is undeniable. Positive reviews from our clients confirms this as well as they confirm that we take on tasks of any complexity. Each of our clients is important to us, so we do our best with each order. We value your trust and understand how much depends on our work.

We’re a dedicated multilingual translation agency, we differentiate from other translation agencies by our ability to combine the latest technologies with well-trained translators. Our experience puts us miles ahead of our competitors. All our methods of achieving the best translations make us get the best results.

Mean Global is beginning to transform the translation industry with a new and transparent experience inspired by our love of language and cutting-edge technologies.

From the very first time of providing translations, we have had a lot of regular clients, who trust our services and our translators. We enjoy having strong and long-term relationships with our customers. Our managers work very closely with you in order to achieve all the goals. Our team is on hand to manage your projects perfectly and on time because we don’t want to lose any of our clients. We strive to provide our services in the best way within the timeframe you desire.


Nowadays the quality of services a company provides may change the whole vision of the company itself. We always do our best to provide high-quality services, because it means a lot.

What do we do to provide high-quality services?

We are always there for you no matter what time is it. We have 24-hour services and support that can help you even at night.

We have long-term relationships with our clients because we love our job and what we do for you. Many of our clients order translations at the Mean Global through months. They know that we value their time and trust.

We provide professional crowdsourced translation services with affordable costs for many popular language pairs. We can handle big amounts of content with accuracy.

Our translation agency was founded with a very simple idea: to prove that top services can be cheap and fast.

We guarantee professionalism, quality, right time management, and security of your information. Our translators and managers aim to understand your business or personal goals in a very short time and help you to achieve them. We believe that quality service should be available to everyone.


Everyone knows that experience and expertise is crucial. Especially if you work with a language you have to keep in mind grammar, stylistic, spelling, and other features and rules of the language you are working with. In addition, you have to gain experience in what you do every day because without it to achieve success at what you do is really hard.

We guarantee that all translators and managers who work at the Mean Global have enough experience and expertise in their job. They gained this while working with huge amounts of various content, different clients, and a small timeframe.

Diversity in projects allows us to know all ins and outs of the most prevalent niches. Our specialists provide translations into and from most popular languages, subjects, forms, and so on.

It is not enough to know the languages to be a good translator; it is also important know all the nuances to provide expert language services, since your business and communication processes depend on our work. 

Our experience allows us to use innovative solutions and technologies to deliver efficient translation services. We know what is important to our customers.


The quality of services we provide differs and puts us ahead of our competitors. From the time when we first came to this market until today, we have managed to collect a fair share of positive feedback about our services, the quality of them and about our company in general.

The leading cause is that from the very first order of various translation, localization, voice over and many other services it becomes clear how important your satisfaction with our work to us.

Moreover, we have many managers and translators who work only on their areas of expertise.

Unlike other translation agencies, we do not spend our time and money to promote our services and tell everyone how cool we are, instead, we prefer to directly convince our clients in it. We believe that quality does not need a lot of advertising and marketing.

As far as you may have already noticed, we focus on the important, while eliminating unnecessary insignificant factors. This has led to the fact that we have achieved success in our business and have been standing firm in the market for a long time.

At the Mean Global you may buy services, and be sure of their quality.


Our well-trained translators do their work quickly to save you time, as we know its value. Usually, the volume of translation per day is 2500 words, however, if you have an urgent request, the translation speed may increase.

Sometimes the quality of the translation can take a back seat if the translation is needed very urgently. This does not happen with us. Our translators are trained to work quickly and efficiently at the same time, your material is tested in several ways and methods of proofreading, which makes it almost impossible for errors to exist in the text.

For us, speed is of great importance, because it is our competitive advantage. Every day our translators take on a lot of responsibility by making translations in a short time frame.

Our aim is to provide high-quality translations for our clients on time and at a fair price.

We are a multilingual translation company with array of services.